Code of Etiquette


Upon joining our CCW Golf Vacation Club, you agree to have read and understand the following standards, and are expected to instruct Members you refer of our standards.

  1. Dress — All Members will be responsible for their attire. Most golf courses we play have dress codes prohibiting the wearing of jeans, cutoffs, tank tops, etc. Be forewarned that no refunds will be given if your attire is considered unsuitable at any of our selected courses.
  2. Conduct— Our objective is to have fun in a congenial atmosphere. It is assumed that CCW Members will at all times protect and uphold the high standards of the Club, both on and off the golf course. Our ability to return to any venue is highly dependent on the impression we leave behind.
  3. The Play — All of our tournaments are conducted under the CCW Rules Format, which includes “Rules of Fair and Fast Play”. We also play under the current USGA Rules of Golf, the R & A Rules of Golf, and local rules that apply. It is incumbent on all players to have reasonable knowledge of these rules. Every player has a right, indeed an obligation, to invoke a penalty for a perceived infraction of the Rules. In cases of dispute, the local Pro’s ruling will be final. Know your rules!
  4. Attendance — When an unexpected event occurs to delay you or even keep your from participating, please advise the CCW as soon as possible so alternate plans can be made. Please be familiar with refund policies and know that “trip CANCELLATION insurance” is always available.
  5. Be on time! And ready to go when the shotgun fires or when your tee time arrives!

Prizes: Prizes are almost always paid in cash, with a few local unique gift items at various events. The cash prize denomination and number of places awarded will be at the discretion of the CCW at each event is based on the field. Cash prizes will be paid in the form of a check sent to the winners within two weeks after an event.

Again, if you have any questions, call Thomas direct at 801-201-4653.