Thomas Stark

Hello and welcome to my personal background page!

Travel is clearly in my blood! Having joined a major airline in 1977, I have been flying around the world … flight attendant/purser … approaching 38 years now in my airline career. I have lived in Southern Cal, Washington State, United Kingdom and Bountiful, Utah (where I currently reside). My desire to own my own company involving travel and hospitality comes from many years organizing golf tournament vacations as Founder and President for the International Airline Golf Association, IAGA, from 1987 – 2001. Wonderful memories of orchestrating over 300 golf tournament vacations throughout the world over a span of 14 years! In 2002, I started up Global Golf Associates, Inc. as a private corporation DBA Country Club of the World. CCW kept me busy for many years, while I continued to organized wonderful tours for a discreet group of members, as well as corporate venues. In 2006, I hooked up with a start up sport optic company, Tifosi Optics, as a dealer/retailer. Their product line included cutting-edge lens technology, quality-built eyewear at an incredible value, and a wide selection of styles, sizes and lens options. They also had the best golf sunglass lenses on the market, hence, I started up the CCW Pro Shop. CCW clients may order from CCWPROSHOP.COM and receive 20% discount on Tifosi products by using the code CCW20 at checkout, free shipping, and no tax (exception Utah). I am expanding products on the Pro Shop site to include a stretching machine, and soon wholesale golf equipment!

Currently I will accept private clients only to arrange special vacations to unique destinations (I have a nice list of special retreats!), and I orchestrate one or two CCW golf tournaments a year for the benefit of rest and relaxation for past clients and myself! My plans include retiring from the airline business in a few years and move to Mougins, France, and open up a bed and breakfast with my lovely wife, Yvette.

NOTE: We take your privacy very seriously. Our client lists are not for sale, and are strictly for the private use of CCW, and any information sent to you is carefully screened for your privacy.