Final Results – 2015 CCW Superbowl Golf Tournament


We had a field of 11 players for our annual Super Bowl golf tournament this year… We had a late scratch due to a back injury!  We also had a few “newcomers” which was great!  To protect the innocent, we never use LAST names in our results…. NOTE!

This year we implemented a modified Stableford scoring system which included moving handicaps up and down on a daily basis…. Hence making for an exciting finish on the final round at wolf creek on Sunday! We had gents from Boise, Nebraska, St. Louis, Utah, California, and Reno Nevada!  The weather found us playing in light drizzle but little wind, and highs of 58 on Friday’s round at Casablanca, with tee times starting at 845 am. Course was in very good condition, but we had little roll on the fairways hence making it much longer tee to green. Paddy and Kent(new this year!) both shared 1st place Stableford with 37 points, and Jacob(new this year!) won LONG DRIVE!  Kent and Rob C(also new!) won closest to pin prizes!  7 Skins paid out!

After the round, all came to hospitality suite and we had a nice poker game for a few hours before heading over to casino for welcome cocktail party…. Which featured yummy meatballs and fried mushrooms!

On Saturday morning we found the weather moved out and we had 50 degrees at tee off at 9 am Conestoga Golf Club, a class Del Web private course (Troon Golf).  Some of us went over for an early breakfast (special chorizo omelete was awesome), great range and putting green facility. Highs got up to 70 by the 5th hole! Course in excellent condition. Highlights were Randy(new) and Rob C who both chalked up 38 points as high Stableford! Tim(new) launched a rocket to win LONG DRIVE, and Terry won two closest to pins! Randy and Tim won the other two…. Nice! Six Skins were paid out on the day!  Two of the “Eureka Girls” showed up on one the holes which was fun, and most remembered a lot of us in our group! After the round, we all met in the nice 1880 grille and had a few drinks… then back to the Hotel to gear up for the CCW World Poker Championship at 7 pm in the suite!

TEXAS HOLD EM World poker championship included 7 players this year, including Del, Thomas, Barry, Jacob, Robert, Terry, and Pat. Lots of libations on hand in the suite, munchies, and some good music in the background…. 3 buy ins were allowed. Robert started out winning a few large pots… Del won one good pot…. Barry at one time had most of the chips also. Thomas, Patrick, Jacob and Terry were looking ready fall out in the first hour… cards were just not going their way! We upped the blinds after an hour, and then the tides started turning. Robert went all in and lost… then Jacob fell … then Patrick dropped out… next was Del…. Then Barry, Terry and Thomas remained…. Thomas on his last buy in… Terry and Thomas split a big pot which wiped out Barry, which entailed a flop of 3 Aces….Terry and Thomas both had the same hole cards!  Thomas had about 50 chips now…. Terry with about 250…. Then blinds went up again… and Terry was playing every hand… Thomas folded a few, losing his small blinds. But staying in when he had the big blind(16 units). Terry went all in with a pair of 5’s… Thomas had a 3, 7 off suit…. Thomas called…. River card came up a 7… Thomas won.  And the final hand all in again was similar….Thomas was dealt a 10, 3 (offsuit) and Terry had Q,J of hearts….  River card came up a 10….. Thomas won and crowned the 2015 champion.

Sunday morning…. Super bowl Sunday!  Weather 75 degrees high, sunny, no clouds!  Magnificent day in Mesquite!  Some went over for a nice breakfast at Wolf Creek clubhouse restaurant.. very good!  Tim, Randy, Jacob all had nice bloody marys before the round! Oya!

Course was in pristine condition…. Jacob produced a treat from his mutual relation with the owner of the course… provided us with drink coupons! Very nice! Teed off at 830 am …

Per our new Stableford modified scoring system, We had 4 players within 6 strokes on the final round, which made things quite competitive…nobody was running away with the gold at the start of play today!  Highlights: Thomas hitting his first drive on the awesome Wolf Creek hole 1…. 275 down the middle… followed by drives pulled hard left into the crud by Paddy, Terry, and Barry!  Omg! Tim had his first EAGLE of his life on hole 1 (tough par 5)… which gave him 6 points Stableford with his strokes! Also, Randy had his first ever birdie on Hole 14… a tough par 4(index 3)… in fact these two st Louis boys each played their best rounds of the tournament! Randy ended up with 89 and 45 points, Tim shot 90 with an incredible 48 points winning BEST Stableford score(of the decade?)… and note only one other player broke 100 (Rob C)… just a very difficult course to score on because you do NOT have the priviledge to go into the rough and hit recovery shots…. All rough is environmentally protected areas… hence one must take a penalty shot and hit from point of entry.  Our Long Drive:  Del ! Closest to Pin: Tim, and 9 Skins were awarded on this finale round!

Superbowl party was in the Town Square hosted by the Eureka Hotel and Casino…. Very good TV screen coverage… 6 massive screens on a high wall… food included huge hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, nacho cheese with chips, veggy tray, breaded spicy chicken wings… and two drink coupons were given out pp. They had a raffle at halftime, giving away “crapana” and a few logo Eureka items. Light traffic in casino… two other parties going on in the casino…with other private groups. Game:  What a finish !  Had everyone on their heels until the final 15 seconds!

Rooms and Hotel:  Above average, quiet, clean, good beds, good security.

Results for Net 3 rounds Stableford points
  1. Randy 105
  2. Tim     103
  3. Paddy 98
  4. Rob C 97
  5. Terry 96
  6. Kent 91
  7. Barry 79
  8. Thomas77
  9. Robert 62
  10. Jacob 57
  11. Del NA (only played 2 rounds)

We had a great group this year, and we will be back next year!  We hope many who came will spread the word to your golfing friends about this “great value” resort town, great winter getaway without the high prices of Las Vegas or Phoenix! And we know how many excellent courses there are to play… but Conestoga and Wolf Creek will be on our list as MUST plays!

See you next year! Superbowl Weekend in Mesquite with CCW !

Warm regards,

Thomas  (The NEW CCW Texas Hold Em World Poker Champion!)